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Jan 31, 2012 6:00pm EST
hitters to the united nations to demand that action be taken against syria. after 10 months of the deadly crackdown, more than 5400 people have been killed, and now, the assad regime is coming under increasing pressure, but will the security council be able to overcome raises resistance to sign on to the draft? >> syria's anguish has come to the streets of new york and to the united nations. syrian exiles, including victims of the assad regime, are demanding united nations support. it seeks to strip president assad of power within two months. william hague is one of the key foreign ministers who have come to new york to back arab league ministers. he deliberately stresses that it is the arab world, not the west, leading demand for change. >> we are underlining that thousands of people are dying, that we want a way forward in this crisis, and the arab league are here today presenting a way forward. >> the arab league is urging the security council to unite and endorsed their peace plan. catarrh -- qatar's prime minister says the syrian regime 's only solution is to kill its own people, and
Jan 31, 2012 5:30pm EST
's ambassador to the united nations. the government reasserting control of the damascus suburbs after beating back rebels at the capital gates. all of this ahead of the push at the united nations for a resolution calling for president assad to give up power. western and arab diplomats descended on head cars to back a security resolution to call for assad to delegate powers to his deputy also to diffuse ten-month uprising against his family's rule. arab league secretary urging council to take what they call rapid and decisive action all of this happening in syria has been called a timber box which could lead to potential civil war. some reactions at the united nations but begin with secretary of state hillary clinton who traveled from washington to new york to address this issue. >>> now in the past few days the regime's security forces have intensified their assault, shelling civilian areas and homes in other cities. this weekend the arab league suspended its monitoring mission pointing to the regime's in trangisence. why are they here before the security council? because they are seeking sup
Jan 29, 2012 10:00am EST
>> he is former ambassador at the league for the united nations and is a member of the united nations international law commission. ambassador, thank you so much for joining us. >> it is a pleasure. >> for the folks who do not know about the league of arab states, give us a little bit of the history and a little bit of the mission. >> the league of arab states, which people called the arab league, it is an original organization that was created in march 1945 between seven member states and now has a membership of 22 members. it has grown over the years. it is a political organization trying to correlate the position of the member states. now it has developed into an organization that focuses on all kinds of different aspects of life in the middle east. it has expanded to comprise specialized agencies, like the united and in it -- like the united nations in the field of education, the profusion of the role of women, -- the promotion of the role of women, disarmament, you name it. i think the importance of this organization is that it can deal with division issues in a better wa
Jan 31, 2012 4:30pm EST
the credibility of the united nation's security council. the united states stands ready to work with every member in this chamber to pass a resolution that supports the arab league's efforts, because those are the efforts that are well thought out and focused on ending this crisis, up holds the rights of the syrian people and restores peace to syria. that is the goal of the arab league. that should be the goal of the council, to help the syrian future that they seek. thank you. >> i think excellency secretary of state clinton for her statement. and i'll give the floor to his excellency minister of foreignf republic of france. >> translator: mr. president, we are meeting today so that the security council can take up its responsibility as a people is suffering in a region where peace is threatened by the brutal repression of a regime at its last gasp. the silence of our council for months is no longer acceptable. it falls to the arab league today to implore it to recover itself. france, therefore, calls solemnly upon the council to live up to the mission vested upon it by the chaert of the united
Jan 31, 2012 3:30pm EST
of the united nations to address the tragedy that is unfolding in syria by adopting a clear resolution and supporting the latest initiative adopted in a resolution of the league of council. in cairo on 22nd january, 2012. to which i earlier refrd, we called on the council to under take all measures. specifically economic resolutions and travel to syria. we are not calling for intervention. we are advocating the adoption of economic pressure to understand that it cannot avoid the demand of its people. we are not after a regime change because this is a matter that the syrian people should decide. the continuation of the current situation is a threat to the entire region. it might lead to serious repercussions unless we remedy the situation in a serious manner. we at the league made efforts to find a solution to the crisis and hope that the regime would be wise enough to realize that the approach to governance has been obsolete. consequently and since the syrian regime continued adopting an approach that lies in the approach and that of the international community, we could not help be re
Jan 21, 2012 4:30am PST
made the news around the world. he was declared by the united nations to be the 6 billionth human. since his birth in 1999, he has heard nothing more from the u.n. he and his family have little to show for his short-lived fame. >> this is a small town in central bosnia. 12 years ago the united nation declared the earth's 6 billionth inhabitant was born there. he had his 15 minutes of fame. his parents named him adnan. but the family hasn't heard from the u.n. since. his favorite subject is english. he wants to communicate with as many people as possible, and he wants to be an actor. he is his family's only ray of hope. his mother has been out of a job for years. his father is severely ill with cancer. >> i am really proud they picked me as the earth's 6 billionth inhabitant. it is a great feeling, though it was just a coincidence. i know they can't actually count the babies like that, but it is still somehow nice. >> adnan arrived on october 12th, 1999 it's two minutes until midnight. then they told me kofi anan would be visiting. he came with reporters and a medallion as a gift f
Comedy Central
Jan 30, 2012 11:30pm PST
.n. is news. jim? >> police in new york say somebody delivered 35 pounds of cocaine to the united nations last week. they say the coke was stashed inside these two white bags made to look like diplomatic pouches. the head of the securities united nations said somebody probably used the logo in order to bypass inspection at the u. is is mexico border but never intended for the package to actually be delivered to the united nations. >> stephen: which brings me to the number one threat in america, coked up diplomats. folks, this is terrifying. with 35 pounds of cocaine, the united nations might actually get something done. i can just see secretary-general ban ki-moon getting jacked up on the all bina rhino and announcing [bleep] let's make one of these resolutions, binding. god, god, i just love-- i love enforcing sanctions. sir ya, are you a [bleep], make out with me now. they are probably as we speak, they are probably on a 36 hour sleepless diplomacy binge with their head phones on saying dude, you have got to hear this translation. no, no, no, play it back. oh [bleep] that is so nuanced. it's
Jan 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
as the united nation debate as peace plan for syria. at least 100 killed by faulty medicines in pakistan. we meet those demanding answers. >> a two-year trial of burglary and theft but the law catches up with the barefoot bandit. >> welcome to "bbc news" broadcasting in america and also around the globe. coming up a little later for you,ably zards in the balkans, snow caps brings trance fort a halt. what makes a great olympic ceremony? we'll talk to the people who know. >> hello again. the united nations security council has been discussing a draft resolution designed to end months of violence in syria. ackvists estimate more than 100 people have died in the past two days alone. the resolution backs an arab peace plan that calls for a national government. jeremy bowen reports from the damascus area. >> to find out the strength of the opposition, drive into the suburbs of damascus. we had no idea what we discovered. we found the free syria army deserted from the local men and government in a poor district on the edge of the city. they said they were protecting the people who were about to hol
Jan 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
day of diplomatic wrangling at united nations security council over the violence in syria. western powers are joining forces with our of the government's to pass a resolution calling for a political transition in syria. russia, a longtime allies of damascus, has rejected any text that would call on president al assad to step down. the bush comes as fighting continues between government and rebel forces. >> a key stronghold of the opposition, this unverified internet footage appears to show syrian army units attacking the city on friday. anti-regime activists say the assault came from the for your directions. there are also reports of violence continuing in homs. residents said 15 members of a single-family have been killed. a new united nations draft resolution is facing opposition from russia, but secretary general remains optimistic. >> when it comes to the situation, they have made the resolution trying to resolve the issue through a political process. >> more unverified footage posted on the internet shows the protesters in syria had not given up hope. they are keeping up their
Jan 28, 2012 12:30am PST
from a rebel-held suburbs of damascus as the united nations debates peace plans for syria. at least 100 killed by faulty medicines and pakistan. if we meet those demanding answers. a two-year trial of burglary and theft, but the law finally catches up with the barefoot bandit. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later, stovall collapsed roof tops and brinks transport to a halt -- snowfall collapses rooftops and brings transport to a halt. and what makes for a great olympic ceremony? we speak with people who know. >>> hello. the united nations security council has been discussing a draft resolution designed to end months of violence and syria. activists inside the country estimate more than what other people have died in the past two days alone. the new resolution backs and arab league peace plan to set up a national unity government. we have this report from a damascus suburb, where it appears that the grip of the saw the government -- of the president sought government is weakening. >> we had no idea what we would find in the suburbs
Jan 26, 2012 6:00pm EST
their 10 months ago. now the arab league is taking its plan to end the violence to the united nations security council. meanwhile, in syria itself, there have been fears classes -- fierce clashes between pro-asat troops and protesters. our reporter was helped by local activists to enter the area last night, and he sensed this report. >> look at central damascus, and you might think the city is calm, but when night falls, head for a city 15 minutes away. getting in to douma is not easy, but at the end of the lane is a muddy checkpoint, controlled by the free syrian army. a loose alliance of mainly army defectors across the country, who are fighting president al assad's military. locals say they kept the president's men out for the past couple of weeks. their light weapons cannot stop that assault, but could make it costly for the regime forces to stay too long. the president says they are an armed gang, directed by foreign conspirators. they say they are protecting the people. "pass this on to the world -- our revolution is peaceful. we do not attack the regime. they attack us take a -
Jan 2, 2012 12:00am EST
away from me. he will definitely lose my vote. ok? i want to ask about the united nations. rick perry says we should defund it. do you agree with that or would you work with others to reform the united nations so it could become more efficient and more effective? >> well, i would dramatically reform and overhaul the united nations and i would be very aggressive about taking on the corruption in the united nations. i co-chaired a reform task force with former democratic senate majority leader george mitchell -- mitchell several years ago and the u.n. is a mess and all too often it's general assembly is dominated by an anti-american majority and i would work hard to turn that around. i would also be prepared to start building an alternative this -- and bringing in the other democracies instead of being surrounded by dictatorships. but i wouldn't just walk off from it. >> what is your biggest weakness? >> what do i think is my biggest weakness? [laughter] >> trying to do too much? >> probably that i'm too reasonable and i should have sponleded to the negative ads two weeks earlier. yes,
FOX News
Jan 27, 2012 4:00pm PST
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FOX News
Jan 27, 2012 12:00pm PST
in but the united nations is estimating that 5,000 people have died since the government began cracking down ten months ago. and i wonder how the opposition is reacting to this? >>reporter: well, this is an interesting development today, the syrian free army, the opposition, they have said today that they were able to capture members of the iranian revolutionary guard and they say this is proof that iran is trying to help assad in fighting the pro democracy demonstrators and they showed the i.d.'s and the passports of the men and iran responded saying they were pilgrims visiting and some were engineers working on a power plant in syria. >>shepard: is there a sense how long the regime can hold on there? >>reporter: you know, the fact that there is no foreign military intervention like in libya, these guys have been able to hang on to power in syria, assad, for quite some time in the initial weeks in march when it began, even the israeli defense minister said it would be only a matter of weeks, but assad is daying in power despite the military members have defected to join the fry syrian army and
Jan 1, 2012 10:31pm PST
and for the united nations -- united in the nations of east bay, earl encourages native american youth and adults to finish their high school, diplomas, as well lead g d's, an enrolled in vocational programs to further advance their training. he also assist those who want to achieve a higher educational degree by promoting recruit and and retention of native american students throughout indian country. as earl is a veteran of the indicted states marine corps and a graduate of the seattle police academy, he assists native american veterans in the pursuit up careers in law enforcement. he is also known through indian country as a noted and see for powwows and special events, such as the kqed unsung hero award. i would like to quote the words of his wife, in recognition of his unsung hero award. "earl is a legend in his own time. he is well known throughout indian country and gives back everything he can to the community. through all of his own challenges and life experiences, he has maintained strong ties to his kiowa tribal affairs. he maintains strong principals and manages to always have a posit
Jan 5, 2012 6:00am PST
>>> smuggling puzzle. the united nations looks into shady ties between north korea and syria. >>> the u.n. has launched an investigation into banned weapons activities by north korea. investigators are checking on reports pyongyang exported to syria, substances they believe are related to chemical weapons. a series of u.n. resolutions banned north korea from exporting arms. u.n. sources say greek government officials found the substances in 2009 in a cargo ship at a greek port. they determined north korea was attempted to export to syria. the greek government seized the items and reported to the united nations. u.n. sources say they suspect north korea violated u.n. resolutions. north korea and syria are accused of having cooperated in nuclear programs and missile development. our reporter spoke to an expert to get some perspective. he's an associate professor from the national graduate institute for policy studies here in tokyo. >> reporter: north korea reportedly reported substances believed to or related to chemical weapons. can you give us the background? >> north korea a
Jan 7, 2012 11:31am PST
about some of those initiatives. the mayor. [applause] >> thank you very much. and to our united nations plaza, also home of our off the grid food truck every thursday here, as well as our arts festival here as well. these are two examples of how we have reactivated united nations plaza. it has been a plaza that i remember for a very long time, and know my good friend who is now heading up public works, he and i spent many occasions here, as we become a cleaning, brushing, and reece leading. we know that the secret is to activate our committee, activate other people to come and help us with good positive activation spiller that is what our arts festival here is doing. that is what our of the grid food market is doing as well. as you all know, i have been actually spending my second home here along market street for about the last three months. specifically at 6th and market street. i have had the pleasure of really knowing, snelling, thinking, and hearing all this sounds of our central market and paying attention to every detail of what we need to do. and talking with all of the resident
Jan 13, 2012 10:30pm EST
in chief as the defender of the united states and as president, i would instruct the national security apparatus to ignore that rule. it is null and void on grounds that it interferes with the constitutional duty of the president of the united states to defend the united states. [applause] nat>> welcome to south carolina. as a member of the committee on national resources, the question i have -- americans have spent billions of dollars, collected in user fees from their power bills to construct a facility that was supposed to store the nation's nuclear waste but was blocked by president obama and harry reid. if your president, would you push for the opening? if not, what is your solution for removing nuclear waste temporarily stored in south carolina? why would you do to ensure that south carolina taxpayers get their money back? >> my position is straightforward. first of all, it is totally safe and there is a way to do it. you have to meet the concerns of the people of nevada in terms of the safety of delivering the material. that is something we have done before. i believe we did --
Jan 25, 2012 6:00pm PST
. this is "newsday." hello again. senior united nations officials have expressed their concern about militias loyal to the former regime in libya. the militias are accused of unrest and holding thousands of people in secret detention centers. the comments were made to the security council by the libya envoy. there is also under arrest and benghazi. they have highlighted the government's center to bring the militias under control. -- the government sentiment to bring the militias under control. >> man who once called themselves rebels are again on the move. these vehicles are making their way through the mountains towards bani walid. their commander said he is going to keep the peace under orders not to enter the town itself. judging by their numbers and weapons, the national transitional council is keeping these military options open. bani walid paid a high price for his support for the gaddafi's regime last year. when clashes arose on monday, it were those -- those loyal to the new government were forced to retreat. this is the new town that the ntc does not control. nobody from either side seems
Jan 21, 2012 7:00pm EST
to the caribbean rebels. -- train and equip the libyan rebels. >> we are very clear about the united nations resolution. they forbid any occupation, foreign occupation of any part of libya and we will absolutely stick to that. >> the road to sending british special forces back into libya was throughout qatar. the emirates had stake in -- had taken a strong stance against gaddafi from the outset. this led to a joint mission being established. special forces from all three countries would be sent to libya to assist with training as well as coordinating their command and the nato air strikes. the french would go to the west, the british to the east. by august, are around 20 men from the squadron were operating in small teams in places like misrata, as well as a training base in southern libya. the air strikes have gone on for months and many had predicted that doing it from the skies alone might not work. >> it had become a much more difficult fight, we had more difficult targets. as i have observed in recent days, essentially, it is very much stalemate in the vicinity of brega. >> within days
Jan 31, 2012 3:00pm EST
was communicated to the secretary general of the united nations and requested him to take actions in accordance in support of the efforts on 27 november, 2011, the league of arab states council adopted halting all flights to syria in a way that would not take the people and read in the meeting and 2011 on the details of the action. it is worth mentioning here that the arab committee continued its meetings aimate following up the developments of the syrian situation they met on 17 november and on cairo on january 2012. despite all of the efforts including contacts with the government and the syrian side resorted to introducing one after another and all kinds of questions. to which the league of arab states did provide answers. this lasted for over a month. it was clear that the objective was to resort and that was in order to evade responsibilities and commitments which reflected a lack of political will once the barrier and they started defending themselves with the acts of military oppression, the syrian government signed the protocol on 19 december, 2011. the arab observer mission, the first
Jan 29, 2012 3:00pm EST
was impressed by what he was doing in the united nations. he made some pretty fiery speeches and made one mistake when khruschchev came to the united states, the incident with disneyland and all. but he was -- nixon was impressed by what he was saying and doing in the united nations and felt that he had -- could help us in the northeast and so from the start that was the choice we were going to make. we had to give the impression we were listening to everybody so we had a meeting of probably about 25 or 30 leaders on the night after he got the nomination. we were in chicago and everybody had a chance to go all the way around the room and say who they were for. we made sure it was going to be for lodge. >> who was in the inner circle with nixon when that decision was really made? i mean there was this larger group who was giving input but who do you think nixon rely relied on in making these decisions? >> that kind of decision he probably relied on himself maybe. you know? don't really recall any major conversations bob finch and i had or len hall maybe had some effect on it. turned out it
Jan 16, 2012 6:00pm PST
follow. >> a decision that seems to have cost the lives of at least six people. >> united nations secretary- general ban ki-moon is calling on the security council to get serious with damascus, saying the situation in syria has become unacceptable. the u.n. estimates that more than 5000 people have been killed in syria during the government's 10-month crackdown. and in the east near the lebanese border, army deserters are fighting back. >> this video reportedly shows ribble surry fighters on patrol in the town of zabadani. the fighters said they belong to the free syrian army, and they are standing guard to protect residents from government troops and president bashar al- assad. >> every day they are destroying homes. they have brought in tanks. they are attacking from all sides. but, god willing, they will not be able to enter this area again, as long as we are breathing. >> many of the fighters in this town deserted the army. they have faced a stiff challenge from the saw's forces, who attacked zabadani again on the weekend. this, despite the arab observer mission in the country
Jan 31, 2012 4:00am PST
, overseas now where a diplomatic fight is building at the united nations as more syrian rebels die in street battles. government troops fought with rebels monday, forcing them out of the suburbs of damascus, which they had seized over the weekend. the death toll over three days of fighting is said to be more than 100. thousands of syrians have died during ten months of protests against the government. at the united nations, talks are underway on a draft resolution demanding that president assad step aside. the u.s. and its allies want it passed quickly, but russia may veto it. secretary of state hillary clinton said monday that the current situation in syria is, quote, unsustainable. >>> and now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. last night a wild high-speed chase in los angeles moved across several freeways at speeds of up to 90 miles an hour before detouring to city streets, causing numerous close calls there. the two people inside the car finally jumped out and took off running, but were later captured. >>> near buffalo, a battle between rival pizza joints
Jan 3, 2012 2:30pm PST
in syria, adding it was essential that the united nations security council agreed to sanctions on the regime of bashar al-assad. the country's crackdown continues with sniper fire, murder, and bloodshed. about 130 people have died since observers arrived in late december. >> unconfirmed internet footage purportedly documenting victims of government violence. this time, on the border to lebanon. the violent stance taken by syria's leader is filing -- firing up the opposition. >> there is criticism of both the monitors and the arab league. they are too slow, inexperienced, and they are making contradictory statements. we demand a report from the chairman as soon as possible and the involvement of the united nations security council. the arab league is not up to dealing with al-assad's regime. >> tanks are still deployed in syrian cities like here in homs, despite the arab league monitors charged with overseeing troop withdrawals. the question is what to do if the arab league bales. on rebel groups are now threatening to attack supporters, and activists report that deserters have
Jan 5, 2012 5:30pm PST
, they will try to safeguard dignity and autonomy. >>> the united nations has launched an investigation into banned weapons activities by north korea. investigators are checking on reports that pyongyang exported to syria substances they believe are related to chemical weapons. a series of u.n. resolutions banned north korea from exporting arms. u.n. sources say greek government officials found the substances in 2009 in a cargo ship that docked at a gr port. they say investigators determined north korea was attempting to export the materials to syria. the greek government seized the items then reported to the united nations. u.n. sources say they suspect north korea violated u.n. resolutions. north korea and syria are accused of having cooperated in nuclear programs and missile development. our reporter jun yotsumoto spoke to a korean peninsula expert to get some perspective on this story. narushige michushita is an associate professor from the national graduate institute for policy studies here in tokyo. >> reporter: north korea reportedly exported substances believed to be related to
Jan 31, 2012 2:30pm PST
-- the fighting in syria continues, but moscow looks set to block a world appeal for united nations action. russian police detained dozens of protesters opposing vladimir putin's returned as president. >> and the ads loses for india's biggest ever arms deal. >> the united nations security council is to meet this hour to discuss a draft resolution on syria. it demands that the syrian president step aside, but already, russian delegates have dismissed the proposal, calling it a path to a civil war. while security council members debate solutions in syria itself, the violence seems to be getting worse day by day. and activists say recent days have been some of the bloodiest in syria since the uprising started in march. videos posted online claimed showed tanks firing on the streets, and explosions. government forces have retaken control of the damascus suburbs, pushing the rebels back from the edge of the capital. despite high hopes, the mission of the arab league observers failed to slow the killing. their work has been suspended, and they are holed up in a damascus hotel. the opposition is
Jan 6, 2012 6:00pm PST
capital reportedly kills 26. the government vows to respond with an iron first. the united nations warns yemen against granting amnesty to perpetrators of war crimes as pass for deals for the president to step down. welcome to "bbc news" broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. i'm adnan. coming up a little later for you, a good news day for president obama and the u.s. economy. unemployment has dropped to a three-year low. and south africa's governing african national of congress is marking 100 years since its founding. hello, again. a hot air balloon has crashed in new zealand killing all 11 people aboard. witnesses say it was on fire when it came down on the country's north island. the victims were five couples from the area and their pilot. sarah batley is a reporter from tv new zealand. she gave us this update. >> an absolute disaster. there are emergency services, police are here. there are a number of eyewitnesses that are starting to emerge. they're visibly shaken and upset by what they saw. around 7:00 this morning, a hot air balloon took off just ou
Jan 7, 2012 12:30am PST
vows to respond with an iron fist. the united nations warns yemen against granting amnesty to perpetrators of war crimes. we're broadcasting to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. a good news state for president obama and the u.s. economy. unemployment drops to 83-year low. the african national congress begins a weekend of celebration to mark 100 years since its foundation. hello again. a hot air balloon has crushed in new zealand, killing all 11 people on board. flames 30 feet high were sticking out of the balloon. the accident was near wellington happened in bright conditions with little land. duncan kennedy reports. >> they woke up to news of the tragedy. an early morning crash that took 11 lives. the balloon plunge down in flames after the pilot had appeared to be trying to gain height. >> i was driving down the road. i saw a hot air balloon literally on fire on one side. the wicker basket was on fire. i saw something holding it down. it was 50 meters in the air. the whole basket started to go up in flames. i was pretty shocked. >> the five couples on bo
Jan 10, 2012 6:00pm PST
an iron fist to crush the opponents of his regime. the united nations says an estimated 400 people have been killed in syria since an arab league mission have arrived in late september. here's john simpson. >> it was a moment that people all over syria had been waiting for anxiously. this was only the fourth time president al-assad had spoken to the people like this since the troubles began last march. would he show a hint of compromise? might there be some way out of the conflict? he seemed relaxed enough as he came on to the stage at damascus university, almost like a candidate up for election. his handpicked loyalists represented a definite body of opinion in syria. people scared but the demonstrations will end in the violent breakup of the country. most of the cities whose names are on the wall behind him have seen demonstrations. but there is to be no compromise. >> our priority now is to regain the security which our country has enjoyed for decades. it can only be achieved by hitting the terrorist with an iron fist. there will be no leniency for those using weapons to kill our civ
Jan 23, 2012 4:18am PST
on to the information they are getting. we took malcolms idea. we got the united nations convention of the rights of a child. we constructed some of the basic elements. over the years, we created human rights report cards where the young folks in me this organization, who were just coming home, one month they did a report card with a graded the public schools. the next month, they greeted the police in their community. the next month, they greeted the health care services in their community. all of these things -- there's an international convention that says young people have a basic human rights. not citizenship rights but human-rights that need to be protected around the world. everybody in the united nations assembly signed this except for the united states and somalia. we have begun to gather the information. i have a little bit more literature year if you want to talk afterwards, and some examples of that, but that is one of the things we need to do. let's look at the fundamental violations of our rights that are happening in your community and think about how we can elevate this to a level
Jan 4, 2012 2:30pm PST
on the destitute --. today, we return to see how little has changed. the united nations is warning that thousands of south sudanese are in urgent need of emergency aid. the un humanitarian corridor said a major operation is now a party. the fighting erupted last week when zero armed members marched on the remote town in the northeast of the capital. an east african correspondent send us this report. >> this is south sudan, home to a crisis. united nations troops and soldiers are protecting what is pretty much a ghost town. last week, the people lived here fled to fearing an attack by a rival tribe. a few families have trickled back, but tens of thousands are leaving out in the bush. no one to protect them from an army of men. these -- about 6000 of them have been attacking, torching villages, and shooting and the people they find. this is why they are all fighting, to steal each other's capital. these animals are like the bank. during some of the cattle grades, tens of thousands are taken. all this pilot is happening in a country just six months old. there was euphoria and much of south saddam we
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